Soaring with Emotional Freedom: How EFT Changed My Life

Feb 29, 2024

Anyone who’s ever worked a job knows the fear of layoffs. When they hit the airline industry for the second time in my 45+ years of flying, many of my junior co-workers faced the devastating prospect of losing their jobs. Having experienced the heartbreak of a layoff myself as a young flight attendant (while pregnant), I recalled how crucial that job was to me. I volunteered for a furlough this time, hoping it would save someone else’s livelihood.  Still, the uncertainty brought turmoil – fear, doubt, and the overwhelming stress of the pandemic. It was during this time a friend introduced me to an online EFT presentation.  

My first experiences with EFT helped calm my emotional rollercoaster, but it wasn’t until a year later that I felt drawn to become a Certified Practitioner. I thought of the many friends and family who could benefit from EFT, starting with me! While I use my skills almost anywhere, my strong desire is to help those where it is most needed by empowering my community. My Certifications are in Emotional Freedom Techniques as well as Energy Psychology. I have helped numerous clients, but my 3 greatest rewards to date have been helping one of my siblings overcome a childhood phobia of mice, helping my three-year-old grandson overcome his fear of walking down the stairs, and helping a passenger in the midst of a severe panic attack at 30,000 feet. That’s the power of EFT, and that’s why I’m committed to bringing these simple EFT (“Tapping”) tools to those who need it most.